Special Solutions

Data formats, coordinate systems and delivery tailored for South Tyrol

Special adaptations to the South Tyrol cadastre with interfaces to Pregeo ensure a seamless data flow from the measuring equipment to the final plan. This special rmDATA solution for South Tyrol includes the import of cadastral data into the object structure of the geodetic CAD rmDATA GeoMapper, special object configuration and presentation of maps, natural inventory in a single map as well as the export into the field work register.


Tailored packages – from the beginner’s package with the geodetic calculation software and the graphics package up to the DGM package, including digital terrain modelling with the DTM Modul, provide every surveying office with a truly customized solution.

Land consolidation & re-parcelling: the whole is more than the sum of its parts

The complex processes of land consolidation and re-parcelling requires an efficient and tailored software. With years of experience in this field, rmDATA offers special solutions to the authorities of Austria’s agricultural areas.


The land consolidation and re-parcelling software comprises a graphic part and a database to manage the specific objects. The surveying software rmGEO, the geodetic CAD rmDATA GeoMapper, and a programme to retrieve cadastral information and data from the land register, optimally support this special programme.