The all-rounder from field measurements to the final plan

Evaluate your measurement data reliably, logically and with assured quality – whether acquired through GNSS, tachymetry or levelling.


With rmGEO4 you meet all requirements of the Austrian surveying regulations. Additionally, you are best equipped for all technical surveying tasks. All steps and calculations (transformations, polygonal chains, free positions, geometry calculations, etc.) are recorded in detail and can therefore be traced at any time.


Over and above an overview of calculated points and measurement set-ups, the programme’s integrated graphics allow for the inclusion of dimensioning, redlining of objects or additional graphical information (e.g. grid data such as orthophotos, dxf-dwg files, etc.).


Export your calculated points into various types of formats, back to your measurement equipment or use your project data directly in the geodetic CAD rmDATA GeoMapper.

Your advantages

  • Perfect data flow
  • Geodetic calculation for all needs
  • Direct connection to CAD/GIS software
Deformation evaluations
Surveying of constructions sites

This is what satisfied customers say:

“rmGEO is flexible and can easily be adapted. It fully meets the most modern engineering standards required for surveying and has therefore even exceeded our expectations.”  

Gerd Grabau, Hanack & Partner, Hamburg


rmGEO/rmNETZ enables us to use and manage different types of measurements from different origins with a single software. This gives us the assurance we need both for our calculations and the quality we provide in our daily surveying tasks.”

Dipl-Ing. Paul Thurner, IKV, St. Pölten


“When we analyse 1D, 2D or 3D displacements, the software provides us quickly and easily with vector diagrams and informative reports that represent the movements. rmGEO helps us manage all such movements with its easy-to-use deformation analysis.”

Roman Schmucki, Cavigelli Ingenieure AG

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