rmDATA Inventory Manager

Manage infrastructure facilities and property

Whether you manage large properties with users, lessees and servitudes, complex networks that require both safe operation and regular maintenance, equally complex easement rights and compensation payments or whether you just manage the register of a cemetery or require a clear overview of street lighting or traffic signs in a municipal area – there is one common denominator: rmDATA Inventory Manager makes each task much easier.

Use it anywhere and anytime

rmDATA Inventory Manager is a new solution for the comprehensive management of infrastructure facilities, real estate and commercial property. What makes this innovative software so special is that it is browser-based. This means, it can be used anywhere and anytime on any mobile device. While it offers a vast array of domain templates [link], it can also easily be configured to meet your individual requirements. It is the ideal choice for all the above-mentioned tasks, regardless of their scale. Naturally, this product is compatible with other rmDATA products, e.g. rmDATA GeoDesktop, and fits seamlessly into the rmDATA dataflow.



Adjust as needed

Use the solution either in your existing IT environment or use our infrastructure. You will be ready to go in just a few minutes. Use the many different domain templates to adjust the software as needed to meet your special requirements. Alternatively, opt for more individual adjustments – they are carried out just as easily. This makes rmDATA Inventory Manager the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and any type of task.

Your advantages:

  • Use the application anywhere and anytime, whether you are out in the field or in the office.

  • Use the software for different types of tasks.

  • Work with the Inventory Manager in your own IT environment or provided by rmDATA.

  • Adjust the application to meet your individual needs.


Get more information about rmDATA Inventory Manager and an overview of its functions here.

This is what satisfied customers say:

“One thing is for sure: the new solution for compensation payments and rights of way is very user-friendly and easy to use. This was particularly important to us because an easy-to-use software ensures a much higher degree of acceptance among our many users.”


Andreas Toth, Network Information Department (NPI), TIGAS-Erdgas Tirol GmbH

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