rmDATA GeoWeb

Use your geodata with WebGIS – fast and wherever you are

”Fast“ because rmDATA GeoWeb enables you to implement your Web-GIS solution in no time: thanks to a wide range of functions, the possibility to directly integrate existing geodata, and its configurability. Use your own IT environment or an rmDATA computer centre to operate the solution.


rmDATA GeoWeb does it all, whether you want to use your geodata at different locations, in the Internet or on different electronic or mobile devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones). To ensure that “fast and wherever you are” remains affordable, rmDATA Geoweb comes with an attractive price that includes the license-free basic software and the software subscription. Prices for rmDATA GeoWeb start with a monthly fee of € 59.00!


To test GeoWeb, just navigate to www.rmdatacloud.com. You will find many different examples and online demos, such as development and zoning plans, city and forest maps, emergency plans, and even a map showing available building sites.

Range of services

  • Create maps: draw up your customised map, combine your own geodata (vector, grid and factual data in the most common formats) with available base maps, such as basemap.at, OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. The map viewer is intuitive to use and offers comfortable search-look-print functions.


  • Edit data: capture and edit your data directly in the web browser. Complicated software to simply fill in data is now a thing of the past. A wide range of specialist applications are standard features, e.g. tree, lighting, open spaces, cemetery, site/recreational map or traffic signs.


  • Web integration: add value to your websites with an interactive map – easily integrated with just a few clicks and ready for use, even by website visitors. Besides that, GeoWeb API adds real value as GeoWeb functions can be directly integrated into your homepage.


  • Data management: prepare and process data directly with rmDATA GeoWeb. It supports all commonly used CAD and GIS data formats. Vector, grid or factual data can be used and integrated like any other data base. CAD data in the Autodesk format DWG/DXF are shown as a true representation. Our users particularly appreciate the customized configuration for menu items, data retrieval, factual data, printing forms, authorisations, etc.


  • Specialist applications and modules: our GeoWeb specialist applications and modules now support you even better in your daily work. Whether you want to display cadastral data, require a specific topic (site/recreational map, lighting, etc.) or need a WMS/WMTS map, our specialist applications and modules provide a wide range of options.

Your advantages

  • Flexible use – in your IT environment or provided by rmDATA


  • Ready for use in no time – create a map with just a few clicks


  • Ideal for different users – search, look, print, analyse and capture


  • All electronic and mobile devices – PC, tablet, smartphone


  • Attractive prices and a choice between software purchase and software subscription – the fully transparent usage starts with a monthly fee of € 59.00!

That’s what satisfied customers and users say:

“I am really excited about the software’s performance and user friendliness. My staff members capture simple geodata, enter and add them into the system.”

DI Robert Pfleger, Municipal Authority, City of Wiener Neustadt        


 “GeoWeb is affordable and fairly priced, yet offers a vast array of functions. Another big advantage is the possibility to have access to data everywhere – even via a mobile device.”

Ing. Klaus Steinberger, Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG (public utility services)

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