rmDATA GeoDesktop

The fast, easy-to-use GIS that goes easy on the budget

rmDATA GeoDesktop optimally supports you in working with geographic data. Our GIS software makes it easy to display, analyse, capture and edit all your geodata. No other product is that easy to use!


Range of Services

  • Information: Simply start with a standard search for, e.g. a property, plot of land or owner, use the exact dimensioning and measurement functions, and create flexible print-outs – with a rotated view if needed, complete with additional (information) pages. For everyone who wants more, our GIS provides powerful factual data support and many different analysis tools.


  • Editing: Choose your specific topic (water, road signs, lease, etc.), add the new objects to your map and enter the factual data. Editing your own geodata is as easy as child’s play! Experts on the other hand will appreciate the vast array of construction, snapping and editing tools.
  • Managing: Structure your data directly in GeoDesktop. It supports all commonly used CAD and GIS data formats. Vector, grid or factual data can be used and integrated like any other data base. Our users particularly appreciate the “drag & drop” function. Just drag your geodata from the Windows Explorer and drop it into your map. Your data will promptly be displayed.


  • Specialist applications and modules: Our GeoDesktop specialist applications and modules now support you even better in your daily work. Whether managing tasks and documents, dealing with a specific topic (sewage, cemetery, forest, etc.) or providing multiple users with access to a single central database, our specialist applications and modules offer a wide range of options.

Your advantages

  • 3 different task, one GIS software: information, editing, managing


  • Easy to use – no expertise required, it is ready to go 


  • Direct automatic integration of CAD and GIS data – at no extra cost


  • Attractive prices and the choice between software purchase and software subscription – compared to our competitors, you save up to 67% of the costs

That’s what satisfied customers and users say:

“rmDATA’s GIS makes our work much easier. It provides us with a quick overview of networks, informs us which parts or objects must be refurbished, and assists us in adding new secondary networks to the data inventory. Unlike many other systems, GeoDesktop requires no GIS expertise. Even as GIS amateurs, GeoDesktop enables us to carry out tasks easily and quickly.”

Ing. Martin Spirk, Wastewater Association Jennersdorf


“We use GeoDesktop for numerous activities in the land register, for land development and zoning plans or in the pipeline cadastre. Our colleagues in administration and in the building yard particularly appreciate its user friendliness and the functions that are optimally suited for municipalities. Besides that, the flexible licensing and pricing model is a real benefit for communities with small budgets.”

Regina Schuhmayer, Municipality Engerwitzdorf

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