Cadastral Surveys

Perfect data flow from the evaluation of measurements, retrieving basic data to the final surveying certificate.

For cadastral surveys, we offer software support from A to Z. rmGEO, our software for geodetic calculations, ensures an optimal evaluation of all your measurements. rmNETZ provides exact calculations for network adjustments. And, when carrying out coded measurements, rmGEO/CodeGrafik efficiently supports the automated generation of maps. Those working with GNSS in the cadastre can use our GNSS transformation (special application), a tool that transfers the points measured into the country-specific system.


Following data capturing or your stakeout data, required site plans, contour maps or partition plans are drawn up with the geodetic CAD rmDATA GeoMapper. The additional “partition map” module optimally supports you.  rmDATA GeoMapper is a CAD software developed especially for surveyors. AutoCAD fans will enjoy using the programme rmDATA GeoDesigner which is based on proven industry standards. Special applications offer additional functions and add even more value for practical use.


For technical correspondence and all appropriate certificates, you are best equipped with rmKATOffice – from the border negotiation right up to the partition document. Retrieve the latest information from the Austrian land register and/or current cadastre database with rmDATA GeoDiscoverer – a single software solution for all your needs.